Women in Media Minutes

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 26 Jan to 29 Nov 1976

Particular items:

26 Jan 1976 - Seminar 76 postponed until Oct; Advertising Think-Tank; AFFIRM (Alliance for Fair images and Representation in Media) group established; retraining for journalists; Royal Commission on the press

23 Feb 1976 - founding aims of Women in Media reviewed (attached); Women's Film Collective seeking money for a film on secretaries

29 Mar 1976 - Advertising Think-Tank report; EOC and advertising; submission to Royal Commission on the Press complete

26 Apr 1976 - update of WIM's founding aims; EOC and WIM advertising submission

24 May 1976 - financial report; WIM's founding aims draft; child credit scheme; working parents housing association after-school and holiday care in Kent

28 Jun 1976 - Women's Forum work described; married women and taxation proposed new clause for Finance Bill

23 Aug 1976 - submission to Royal Commission on the National Health Service on health care for women

25 Oct 1976 - Seminar at Bedford College report on child care, 'domestic life and the two job family'; ethnic minority meeting; Fawcett Library possible break-up

29 Nov 1976 - follow-up on Seminar 76; membership (group should be media based, although women not working in the media but sharing Groups aims would be welcome)