Tax reform 1

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- manuscript notes

- photocopy of summary of the relevant sections of the Meade Report

- typescript 'Implications for women of the government's 'Proposals for a tax credit system', Oct 1972

- typescript 'Introduction to a struggle. A short history of family allowance' by Cassandra Southwick, 8 Dec 1972

- Tamar Karet's notes for Women in Media meeting with Home Office, 1974

- photocopy of forms for taxation of wife's earnings election and application by husband or wife for separate assessment, 1974

- manuscript notes on capital transfer tax by Tamar Karet

- photocopy of typescript notes on discrimination in taxation

- press release by Equal Opportunities Commission 'EOC meeting with Chancellor on taxation', 2 May 1977

- photocopies of correspondence with Denis Healey re amendment to section 37 Taxes Act 1970

- press release by Equal Opportunities Commission 'EOC response to tax changes for married women', 3 Jul 1978

- press release by Equal Opportunities Commission 'Treasury drags its feet on taxation reform for women', 14 Oct 1977

- correspondence between Women in Media and Equal Opportunities Commission

- typescript, 'Income tax and sex discrimination. The present structure of the income tax system', 1977 (Women in Media submission?)

- photocopy of letters to Mary Stott re her article in the Guardian 'Wives in a tax trap', Feb 1977

- copy of press release by Equal Opportunities Commission, 'Income tax and sex discrimination', 16 Dec 1977

- circular letter sent to MPs asking for their views on discrimination against married women in the tax system, Sep 1978

- typescript 'Tax reform recommendations' by Women in Media (various versions with manuscript notes), 1979

- 'Comments to the Equal Opportunities Commission on Income Tax and Sex Discrimination' by National Council for Civil Liberties, Feb 1978

- 'Women...Do you know about tax discrimination?' draft from NCCL leaflet, Dec 1978

- typescript 'Amendment of the Equal Pay Act 1970' Department of Employment

- outcomes from Fawcett Society Tax Workshop held on 3 Feb 1979, proposed questions for tax workshop, manuscript notes and related papers

- photocopy of press release by Inland Revenue 'Married Women, Sex Discrimination and Tax', 4 Dec 1979

- photocopy of Hansard on tax, husbands and wives, 1977, 1978

- photocopy of Budget 1979

- Women in Media's response to Equal Opportunities Commission's consultative document 'Income Tax and Sex Discrimination', Jun 1979


- Finance (No 2) Act 1979 - Income tax year 1979-1980

See Press cuttings 6WIM/P/01