Anti-Discrimination Bill / Sex Discrimination Bill

Scope and Content

Between 7 May 1968 and Spring 1971 Joyce Butler presented four Anti-Discrimination Bills. William Hamilton introduced a private members' Anti-Discrimination Bill which was debated on 28 Feb 1972 (2nd reading on 2 Feb 1973). Lady Seear's Anti-Discrimination Bill was debated in the House of Lords in Mar 1972. Women in Media organised a women's rally at Caxton Hall on 2 Feb 1973. On 28 Jun 1973, Women in Media organised a 'day of deputations' at Central Hall, Westminster, in an effort to support the 3rd reading of Baroness Seear's Sex Discrimination Bill in the House of Lords on the following day. The Government's Sex Discrimination Bill was introduced in Jun 1974 and its 2nd reading in the House of Commons was on 26 Mar 1975.

Consists of:

- letters to Edward Heath, Prime Minister (1970-1974) re Anti-Discrimination Bill

- draft letters re lobbying for Anti-Discrimination Bill

- notices of meetings of the Select Committee on the Anti-Discrimination (No 2) Bill, 1973

- Women in Media News Release, Jan 1973

- notice re Women's rally at Caxton Hall prior to House of Commons debate on Anti-Discrimination Bill on 2 Feb 1973

- typescript of radio discussion between Joan and Susanne [Puddefoot] re discrimination

- notice of rally at Central Hall, Westminster on 28 Jun 1973 with programme and circular letter of thanks to organisations who supported rally

- letters concerning request to present a petition to the Queen on 28 Jun 1973 re subject of the Anti-Discrimination Bill

- carbon copy list of organisations that had presented letters to Prime Minister on 28 Jun 1973

- letters re deputations to the Prime Minister on 28 Jun 1973

- correspondence and note of meetings with Robert Carr MP, Maurice Macmillan MP, and Lord Colville to discuss progress of Anti-Discrimination Bill, Jul 1973

- note of meeting with Secretary of State on 26 Jul 1973

- photocopy of Sue Puddefoot's paper 'Towards anti-discrimination legislation', 13 Aug 1973

- accounts by Susanne Puddefoot and Mary Stott re progress of Anti-Discrimination Bill

- letter recording main points of meeting with Margaret Thatcher, Secretary of State for Education and Science on 7 Aug 1973

Submissions on Government's Green Paper: Equal Opportunities for Men and Women :

- 'Comments on the Government Green Paper: Equal Opportunities for Men and Women' - Government Proposals for legislation' by Women in Media, Sep 1973

- 'Comments on the Government's Consultative document Equal Opportunities for Men and Women' by National Labour Women's Advisory Committee (Nov 1973), by the British Women Pilots' Association, by the Fawcett Society (Dec 1973), by the Christian Parity Group (Nov 1973), by the National Assembly of Women (Nov 1973), by the National Council for Civil Liberties (Nov 1973), by the National Union of Teachers (Dec 1973), by the Soroptimist Club of Lincoln and District (Nov 1973), by the Trades Union Congress (Dec 1973), and from Parliamentary All-Party Equal Rights Group (Dec 1973)

- press release by the National Joint Committee of Working Women's Organisations on Government's Green Paper: Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, dated 22 Nov 1973

- copy of correspondence re Equal Opportunities Bill

- press release from Home Office 'Equal Opportunities for Men and Women: Government plans for legislation', 17 Sep 1973

- signed letter to the Prime Minister asking Government to enact Sex Discrimination legislation and to set up a Sex Discrimination Board

- carbon copy of short summary of completed work in 1973 by Women in Media

- carbon copy of PA statement following press release by Women in Media, 17 Sep 1973

- invitation to attend a specialist panel on 22 Nov 1973 at the House of Commons

- press notice from Home Office of the White Paper 'Equality for women: a policy for equal opportunity', 6 Sep 1974

- correspondence with Shirley Summerskill re meeting in Jul 1974

- photocopy of paper 'Recommendations for Anti-Discrimination Legislation' for Home Office meeing on 2 Jul 1974

- photocopy of recommendations for Anti-Discrimination Legislation by Women in Media for Home Office meeting on 2 Jul 1974 (3 versions)

- statement by Roy Jenkins on Equal Status for Women, Jul 1974

- draft copy and letter to Roy Jenkins with comments on White Paper 'Equality for women' by Women in Media, Oct 1974

- typescript note 'The Sex Discrimination Bill: Local Authority'

- press release by Home Office 'Bill to end Sex Discrimination: Home Secretary's speech at Women's Year Dinner', 6 Feb 1975

- photocopy of article 'Equal Opportunity' by Margherita Rendel from New Society 20 Mar 1975

- photocopy of report re progress of Sex Discrimination Bill, 1975

- photocopy of article by Olive Stone re Sex Discrimination Bill, Apr 1975

- manuscript notes

- copy of the Balance of the Sexes Bill, private member's bill introduced by Maureen Colquhoun

- press release, Balance of Sexes Bill, Apr 1975

- press release by Mrs Maureen Colquhoun dated 16 Apr 1975 on the Balance of the Sexes Bill with a copy of the Bill