Complaints re TV programmes, publications, advertising

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- letters re programmes 'No Man's Land', 'Today', 'Man alive' [programme on secretaries]

- photocopy of aims and objectives of Alliance for Fair Images and Representation in Media (AFFIRM)

- correspondence between Women in Media and the Advertising Standards Authority re portrayal of women in advertising, 1974-1975

- correspondence re guidelines on how to complain to the media

- report by Caroline Richmond on monitoring and Watchdog

- photocopy of letter to Collins stationery / diary division re advertising

- correspondence re feature on Pirelli calendar in 'The Sunday Times' dated 20 Oct 1983

- letter re programme on the treatment of the staff at Brentford Nylons, 1977

- letter to 'The Times' re causes of delinquency, 1977

- correspondence with Lady Plowden re IBA publication of 'Television and Radio 1977'

- correspondence re advertisement for Nolan helmets with photocopy of advert attached, 1979

- correspondence re article 'Is it all turning women into men?' in 'Woman's Own'

- correspondence with Lord McGregor of Durris of the Advertising Standards Authority re meeting, May 1980

- copy of letter re article in the Sunday Telegraph on the death of Macky Gillet, 1980

- correspondence re advert in Office Magazine, Feb 1984 (advert attached)

- letter of praise from Women in Media for the programme 'Women in the Eighties', Dec 1981

- correspondence with Sandra Brown re restrictions on 'Confidential Final revises', 1973