Equal Pay / Employment

Scope and Content

The Equal Pay Act came into force on 29 Dec 1975. It is contained in Section 8 of the Sex Discrimination Act

Consists of:

- reply from Department of Employment re amendments to Equal Pay Act, dated 19 Nov 1974

- photocopy of invitation to a reception to mark the implementation of the Equal Pay Act held at the Banqueting House, Whitehall on 5 Jan 1976

- photocopy of article by Anna Coote from 'The Observer Review' re working of Equal Pay Act

- At Your Service investigation 'The cost of being a woman' publication unidentified

- press release by Department of Employment 'Equal pay and opportunities - there's more to be done', 27 Jul 1978

- press release by Department of Employment 'Employment Gazette looks at Equal Pay Research', 27 Jul 1978

- photocopy of press release by Fawcett Society on its conference Equal pay for work of equal value

- press release by Equal Opportunities Commission 'Government in danger of breaking EEC equal pay law', 11 Mar 1983

- typescript copy of Department of Employment's 'Amendment to Equal Pay Act 1970'

- photocopy of speech to the YWCA on 15 Jul by the Lord Privy Seal, Lady Young, minister in charge of the management and personnel office, on employment opportunities for women

- papers by The Liberal Party on tax and social security reform, 1970

- manuscript notes

- Consistution an dStanding Orders for ADM Committee on Equality, 1972


- Equal pay : a guide to the Equal Pay Act 1970. Revised Jan 1976 / [prepared by the Department of Employment], London: HMSO, 1976