Equal Opportunities Commission

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- copies of letter to Roy Jenkins, Home Secretary, re members of the Equal Opportunities Commission, 1975

- letter of congratulations to Betty Lockwood who was appointed as the first Chair of Equal Opportunities Commission in Jun 1975 (Lady Howe was deputy Chair)

- press notice by Equal Opportunities Commission '500 enquiries in first few days', 1976

- letters concerning the appointment of Principals and commissioners for the Equal Opportunities Commission

- correspondence with Betty Lockwood concerning suggested priorities for general investigation by Equal Opportunities Commission put forward by Women in Media

- notes of meeting held on 2 Dec 1975 between EOC and voluntary organisations

- outline of programme for Voluntary Organisations Conference at EOC Headquarters on 7 Jul 1976

- photocopy of notes of working lunch Equal Opportunities Commission held on 29 Nov 1976

- notes of meeting with EOC held on 17 May 1977 and related correspondence

- EOC report analysis by Virginia Novarra. Jul 1977

- letters re closure of the EOC's educational section, Dec 1977

- copy of letter to Dr Summerskill (Home Office minister responsible for Sex Discrimination Bill) re internal EOC policy and administration dated 23 Jun 1978

- article 'Betty Lockwood. Profile by Joan Bakewell' from 'Illustrated London News', 1977

- photocopy of report 'A women's bureau' by S[andra] B[rown] dated 31 Jan 1979

- copy of letter to editor of 'The Times' re EOC, Mar 1981

- press releases by Equal Opportunities Commission, Women and Credit' dated 15 Mar 1978, 'Guidance for employers on personnel policies and practices' dated 22 Mar 1978 and 'Second Annual Report' dated 25 Apr 1978

- press release by Equal Opportunities Commission 'Ministries' bad performance on appointing women to public bodies' dated 31 Jan 1979 with press cutting 'Electoral boost for women in France' from 'The Guardian' dated 1 Feb 1979

- leaflet 'Sickness absence from work. Some interesting facts and figures from the Equal Opportunities Commission', [1980]

- Equal Opportunities Commission Catalogued submission to the Home Office on 'Direct Broadcasting by Satellite' dated 12 Oct 1981

- Equal Opportunities Commission Legal Committee 'Information on Solicitors and counsel familiar with work under the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts', 1981

Press cuttings:

- 'In search of equal opportunity in the home' from 'The Times' dated 3 Oct 1975

- job advert for Chief Executive (Man or woman Equal Opportunities Commission) dated 2 Nov 1978

- photocopy of article 'Opportunity blocks' from 'The Guardian' dated 2 Jun 1976

- photocopies of press cuttings re EOC's education section