Scope and Content

There were 10 workshops: Child-care, Education, Job-training, On the job, Domestic life and the two-job family, Tax and social security, Factories Act and other Protective Legislation, the operation of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Goods, Services and Facilities, How to get our rights.

Consists of:

- notes of opening speech by Sandra Brown

- lists with names of those leading each workshop

- lists of attendees at each workshop

- background notes for seminars on job training, , the two job life, tax, social security etc, protective legislation,

- information re Child Benefits

- report by Virginia Novarra on EOC workshop

- transcript of Lady Howe's speech on 23 Oct

- notes of Women in Media meeting to review seminar held on 11 Nov 1976

- list of people who received a copy of Women in Media report of seminar