Women's Action Group: 'Eight points for the eighties'

Scope and Content

Women's Action Group produced a lobby pack to lobby parliamentary candidates about women's issues for forthcoming election on 9 Jun 1983

Consists of:

- List of 'Eight points for the Eighties'

- draft questionnaires

- questionnaire for lobby pack

- lobby pack facts and figures

- manuscript notes

- background papers on taxation of husband and wife, retirement, tax reform recommendations, percentages of women appointed in government departments

- resolutions passed at the Annual Council Meetings of Women's Liberal Federation on 15-17 Apr 1982

- leaflets for parliamentary candidates John Wheeler, Arthur Latham and Guy Halliwell

Press cuttings: tax system makes the poor 'worse off', Sep 1982; 'Disproportionate representation' 1 in 10 candidates standing for election is a woman, 1983