Disability Campaign

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- leaflet 'Equal Rights for Disabled Women'

- letters re campaign for equal rights for disabled women

- correspondence re draft of HNCIP leaflet (Non-contributory invalidity pension for married women)

- photocopies of press cuttings on changes in the pension law by Alf Morris, Minister for the Disabled

- press release by the Disability Alliance 'New evidence undermines case for housework test' dated 17 Nov 1980


- 'Non-contributory invalidity pension for married women', Leaflet NI 214, issued by the Department of Health and Social Security, Nov 1978

- booklet 'Second Class Disabled. A report on the non-contributory invalidity pension for married women' by Irene Loach and Ruth Lister, Equal Rights for Disabled Women Campaign, Jul 1978