Women's National Commission Taxation Working Party

Scope and Content

Note on original folder: 'not Women in Media but included Susan Raven for WIM'. Susan Raven and Jean Millar represented Women in Media on the Women's National Commission Taxation Working Party

Consists of:

- minutes of meetings of the Women's National Commission Taxation Working Party held on 16 Mar, 10 May and 23 Nov 1983

- photocopy of 'Response to questionnaire issued by the Women's National Commission' returned by 31 Jan 1983 for the UN Decade for Women World Conference 1985

- comments by WNC Taxation Working Party on Fawcett Society's paper 'How the English taxation system affects lone parent families'

- copy of Soroptimist's first draft paper covering carers, pensioners and widows, Nov 1983

- background papers on women and taxation

- copy of family budget proposals submitted to Geoffrey Howe for 1983 budget

- Susan Raven's amendments to background paper 'United Nations Decade for Women Taxation of Women and Men. Report of the Taxation Working Party. Women's National Commission' (three versions)

- letters re meeting with Brian Mace of the Policy Division of the Inland Revenue to discuss Taxation Working Party's report, Nov 1984

- notes of meeting with Brian Mace held on 15 Nov 1984

- photocopy of pages from Taxation / Tolley Publishing Group, 25 Aug 1984

- paper with recommendations from working party chaired by Dr Rosalie Silverstone which was formed to review the progress on taxation since the beginning of the United Nations Decade for Women, 1985

See 6WIM/C/06 and 6WIM/C/07 for tax reform papers