Women's pensions campaign

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Women in Media draft proposals on pensions

- correspondence with Michael Pilch re speaking at FLAG meeting

- photocopy of summary and comments of the study by Michael Pilch and Ben Carroll on State Pension Ages: flexibility the key to equality by J Millar

- manuscript notes on pensions

- press release by Equal Opportunities Commission 'Married women and new pension rights', 3 Apr 1978

- press release by Equal Opportunities Commission 'Progress towards equality in occupational pension schemes unacceptably slow', 22 Apr 1982

- statement 'Equal status for men and women in occupational pension schemes: notes on the submission of evidence', issued by The Occupational Pensions Board, Apr 1975

- statements by Age Concern 'Fight for women's pension rights'

- letter from Patricia Hewitt concerning move of women's pensions campaign from Age Concern to National Council of Civil Liberties (because Hewitt had become women's rights research officer of Cobden Trust, research section of NCCL)

- summary of pension values, Dec 1979


- EOC response to the DHSS discussion document 'A happier old age' / Equal Opportunities Commission, Feb 1979

- photocopy pamphlet Towards equality in retirement ages / National Association of Pension Funds / Prudential House, Sep 1977

- Age Concern newsletter, nos 2 and 3, Jul, Sep 1973

See 6WIM/C/06 and 6WIM/C/07 for tax reform material