Soviet Revolutionary Ceramics

Scope and Content

[M M Adamovich] ["Lenin with Red Star"] cup (1919) (N 3/25) & saucer (1922) (N 3) (original mark Nicholas II 1896) 1-2. [S V Chekhonin] "Avtografy deiatelei Velikoi Rossiiskoi Oktiabr'skoi Revoliutsii 1917" platter (1921) (original mark Nicholas II 1905) 3. E N Potapova "Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo 1921" plate (1921) 4. [E B Rozendorf] "Da zdravstvuet Sovetskaia vlast'" plate (1921) (original mark Nicholas II 1896) (repaired with rivets) 5. [P V Vechegzhanin] "Kommuna" plate (1920) 6. [P V Vechegzhanin] "RSFSR" plate (1921) (original mark Nicholas II 1903) (repaired) 7. [N A Zander] ["Harvest"] plate (1920) 8. "Um ne terpit nevoli" (D I Pisarev) plate with silhouette of [G E Zinov'ev] (1922) (N 51/1) 9.

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