Redcliffe Nathan Salaman: Scientific, Personal and Family Papers

Scope and Content

Papers of R.N. Salaman

Boxed Papers

Boxes 1-2: General correspondence, Sep. 1924 - June 1955 (7 files): letters to Salaman, with carbon copies of his replies, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. The correspondence concerns family matters, philanthropic activities, Zionism, Hebrew scholarship, local politics, and Cambridge University connections.

Box 3: Letters from Prof. W.A. Osborne, Australia, 1950-1955 (folder); letters from S.H. Ward, Letchworth, about checking references in libraries, etc., 1947-1955 (folder); 'Early letters' to Salaman from A.D. and A.S. Fraser, Henry Head, C.S. Myers, Herbert Samuel, and others, c. 1894-1906 (2 folders); Mrs Myer Salaman: letters to 'Harry', 1897, and to R.N. Salaman, 1894-1901 and 1908-1918; various writers to R.N. Salaman, 1895-1940 (folder); press-copy letter-book: R.N. Salaman to various persons, 7 Nov. 1914 - 20 Nov. 1919.

Box 4: R.N. Salaman to Nina Salaman, 1914-1919, 19 bundles.

Box 5: 'Letters from various important people', arranged alphabetically, c. 1911-1955 (file); letters of congratulations to R.N. Salaman on (a) his 70th birthday and (b) his 80th birthday (2 envelopes); 'Notes on books read' (leisure reading only), 1947-1954 (volume); correspondence about the Jewish University Library, 1920-1928 (folder).

Box 6: 'Autobiographical papers' and 'Reprints of articles and addresses'; 'Lectures and addresses', 1935-1955 (box-file); duplicate typescripts of lectures and articles.

Box 7: 'Racial origins and heredity': lectures, papers, correspondence, and photographs.

Box 8: Diaries, engagement books, and address books of R.N. and Nina Salaman, 1890-1954 (41 volumes).

Box 9: 'Judaica': offprints of articles on Jewish topics.

Box 10: Miscellaneous correspondence, offprints, passports, obituary notices, etc, including a (copy) letter from Laurence Housman on the parentage of Prince Albert, and testimonials from 1902.

Box 11: Schechita: reports and correspondence.

Box 12: Lucien Wolf Lecture 1953: correspondence, etc.

Box 13: Lectures and addresses, 1907-1934.

Box 14: Refugees: reports, correspondence, etc., 1937-1951, and other files on Jewish affairs.

Box 15: Letters regarding Palestine Reclaimed (1920); reviews of the History and Social Influence of the Potato (1949).

Boxes 16 and 18: 'Potato literature': a set of printed articles by Salaman, 1910-1955 (2 box-files).

Box 17: History of potato: correspondence with Cambridge University Press and others, c. 1946-1955 (box).

Box 19: Potatoes: correspondence prior to 1947 (box).

Box 20: Potatoes: correspondence from mainly 1947-1955 (box).

Box 21 (and some loose): Photographs of R.N. Salaman, his family and friends, and photographs of family portraits (some framed).

Box 22: Miscellaneous letters, offprints, etc.

Other material

Pedigrees, correspondence and papers regarding the geneaology of Salaman, Davis and other Anglo-Jewish families, with Alex Brodie's Reminiscences of Solomon Alex Hart, privately printed in 1882; obituaries and other documents regarding R.N. Salaman (folder); 'Racial origins and heredity': five boxes of lantern slides; R.N. and Nina Salaman: petty cash and private accounts (2 volumes); papers regarding the Jewish Regiment and R.N. Salaman's service therein, 1917-1919 (folder); 'Addresses and lectures', various (binder); 'Essays and lectures', various (binder); 'Autobiographical essays', various (binder); certificates, testimonials, etc. (in a metal cylinder); 'Jews and the Royal Society' (binder); 'Beliefs and Speculations': notes and correspondence on attitudes to Judaism (binder); 'Still births and abortions': autobiographical essays and notes (binder); 'Unpublished': philosophical reflections (binder); biographical notes and obituaries, list of publications (envelope); sheaf of letters of congratulation on Salaman's election to the Royal Society, Feb. 1935 (folder); 'Potato' article for the Encyclopedia Hebraica: correspondence and typescript, with copies of articles on 'Jewish racial origins' and the 'Heredity of Jewish characters' (folder); statements of income and expenditure, 1927-1953 (folder); R.N. Salaman, Palestine Reclaimed, printed 1920 (volume); press cuttings, 1873-1906, compiled by Arthur Davis (1 volume, a), and press cuttings, 1906-1955, compiled by R.N. Salaman (5 volumes, b-f); 'Oxnoble Inn': correspondence regarding public houses named after potatoes, 1949-1956 (folder); 'Peruvian Pots': photographs (album); 'Potatoes': photographs (album); Hebrew University Survey Committtee: Report and Reply, printed 1934 (volume, numbered 117); 'Nazi Europe': file of printed and duplicated reports (folder, numbered 118); 'Notes on the Potato, etc.': notes, extracts and correspondence, bound into booklets numbered N.V. I-XI, with drawers of index cards to them; History and Social Influence of the Potato (1949), bounded in two volumes and annotated by R.N. Salaman.

Papers of Nina Salaman

Boxed papers

Box 23: Poetry manuscripts and correspondence.

Box 24: 'Apples and Honey': letters and papers (box-file); letters from Israel Zangwill.

Box 25: Miscellaneous manuscripts, notebooks, notes, and offprints.

Box 26: Translations, offprints, correspondence with publishers, etc.

Box 27: Notes for 'Ephraim Luzzato', Hebrew Poetry of the 16th century, offprints, etc.

Boxes 28-29: Arthur Davis Trust: 2 account books, deeds, and correspondence (box and box-file).

Other material

Arthur Davis: press cuttings (envelope); Clement and Herbert Davis: letters of condolence on their deaths (envelope); 'Song of the Ages' and 'Hatikvah': printed music; obituaries and press cuttings regarding Nina Salaman (bundle); 'Machzor': correspondence (folder); spare copies of books; loose papers.

Additional papers

Correspondence between R.N. Salaman and Nina Davis/Salaman, 1909-1917 (1 box, 7 pocket-files).

Two letters from Naphtali Hart, West Naitland, New South Wales, to his sister Bella (Soloman) in London, 30 Oct. 1843 and 30 Sep. 1844. The letters comment mainly on the family news contained in her letters to him, and also admit that his business affairs were not very prosperous (envelope, with typed transcripts).

Administrative / Biographical History

Redcliffe Nathan Salaman (1874-1955) was educated at St. Paul's School and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he read for the natural sciences tripos. He was awarded his M.D. in 1904, but gave up medical work because he was suffering from tuberculosis. In 1905 he turned to the study of genetics, with particular reference to the potato, and published Potato Varieties in 1926 and The History and Social Influence of the Potato in 1949. He was director of the Potato Virus Research Institute, Cambridge, 1926-1939, and was made a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1935 and an honorary fellow of Trinity Hall in 1955. In 1901 he married Nina (1877-1925), daughter of Arthur Davis, by whom he had four sons and two daughters. He married Getrude, daughter of Ernest D. Lowy, in 1926.

Access Information

Most of the collection is open for consultation by holders of a Reader's Ticket valid for the Manuscripts Reading Room. However, a deposit of papers received in May 1991 currently has restricted access.

Acquisition Information

Deposits were made by Mr R.A. Salaman in 1975; the Department of Applied Biology, Cambridge in 1976 and 1985; and Prof. A. Polak, son-in-law of Dr Myer H. Salaman, the eldest son of R.N. Salaman, in 1994.


Description compiled by Robert Steiner, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives. The biographical history was compiled with reference to the entries on R.N. Salaman in the Concise Dictionary of National Biography, Part II, 1901-1970, p. 585 (Oxford University Press, 1982), and E.T. Williams and Helen M. Palmer, eds., Dictionary of National Biography 1951-1960, pp. 860-861 (Oxford University Press, 1971).

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