Correspondence between the brothers

Scope and Content

Communications between the brothers during the early years of the firm's existence, which reflect their various roles: the majority of the early letters are written by John, with Thomas slowly becoming more prominent in the 1830's, and there are a very few from James relating to the running of the mills. The correspondence is mainly concerned with business, especially the buying and selling in the Manchester and Liverpool markets, with details of transactions, instructions as to what quantity and quality of cotton should be sent to which mills, the exchange of information concerning equipment, travel, the state of the market, financial matters and names of suppliers and buyers. Interspersed are snippets of family information and news.

Some of the later letters are addressed to Samuel or John Junior, the eldest sons of John MP, following their admittance into the partnership in 1845, and after the death of John MP in 1849, Thomas' letters are addressed to his brother and nephews.