Printed material

Scope and Content

Various pamphlets and other printed material including copies of speeches made by John Fielden; published letters on wages and labour, factory legislation and the corn laws; posters; various tracts; and a report of a public meeting in support of the Ten Hours Bill.

The pamphlets include: Rules, Regulations etc. for the Government of the Todmorden Political Union..., Look at Home! Contradiction of the Fallacious Doctrines of "No Corn Laws" and the Misrepresentations of the "Free Trade" Agitators, Brief Remarks on the Common Arguments Now Used in Support of Divers Ecclesiastical Impositions in this Nation, Especially as They Relate to Dissenters, John Fielden's speech on Sugar Duties, Free Trade "Not Proven", in seven letters to the People of England, by Richard Oastler, Reform in the Court of Chancery - a speech by Lord Brougham, The State of the British Finances, The Debt, Currency and Banking... by Sir George Cockburn, and various speeches and reports concerning the Ten Hours Act.