Letter from John Finch to James Rigby

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter asking Rigby to write to him to tell him how many of his books he has sold and how many he has delivered to Holyoake. Finch also asks Rigby to find out if Mr Millar has forwarded some bibles to the United States.

Finch goes on to suggest that Rigby must be very busy making arrangements for Robert Owen’s congress in May. He then questions when the commencement of the Millenium will be as Owen had previously said it would be in 1840, 1851 and now 1855.

Finch ends the letter by complaining that Whittaker is becoming uneasy about the Harmony [Hall] affairs. He says that he only has to receive enough money to pay back the parties that need it and to retrieve the losses from their responsibilities. Finch complains that he and many others have never received any profit from it and expresses his unhappiness that he is been blank guarded by Whittaker.