Letter from John Howard Nodal to James Rigby

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter John Howard Nodal tells James Rigby that he has enclosed some paragraphs [not included in the letter] and will forward to him some more from the Hatters Association soon, possibly from the Whitlane Weaving Company.

He continues to say that he has not been able to complete arrangements for Bury, Rochdale and Stockport, and is leaving the task of selection to Edward Vansittart Neale. Nodal has sent information on the labour market in Scotland to Neale in case he finds them useful.

He then expresses his hopes at reading about John Stuart Mill's associated to his 3rd doctrine of Political Economy in the Transactions. In these, Mill revisits the question of co-operative associations and the future of the labouring classes. He wishes Rigby to direct Neale's attention to this.

He acknowledges the receipt of a copy of the Transactions forward to him by Rigby after a long wait. Consequently, he recommends that Rigby directs any such mail to Nodal to the Electric Telegraph Company's Offices at the Royal Exchange, as he lives far from town.