Letter from Robert Owen to James Rigby

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter. Owen begins by saying that he is glad that The Times declined their money as it will do more good in another way. Owen goes on to complain that:

The people can stir about triffles of no permanent good + will expend money freely in little local temporary interests but they get incompetent to see their great permanent interests.

Owen goes on to say that he will write to Lord Brougham to see what has been done with the petition of the congress. He tells Rigby that the Petition to the House of Commons must go to Sir Benjamin Hall and Rigby must try to have a confidential communication with him. Owen suggests a number of people who could present the petition to the House of Commons.

Owen goes on to reflect on the Robert Cooper situation which Rigby wrote to him about in his previous letter [see ROC/17/17/114].

Owen concludes by discussing publications he wishes printing and additions to be made to them.