Letter from Robert Owen to James Rigby

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Manuscript letter sent from Owen's residence in Paris. Owen says that he is working hard from five in the morning and spending more money than I possess. He says that the French know little of their system and he is instructing them in the Rational System. However, he needs to write new works and get them translated and published. Owen requests that Rigby find him a copy of the Public Report and his address on the the opening of the new institution (1816) so he can put together some reports. He notes that his translating, printing and publishing costs mean that some days he goes without dinner.

Owen goes on to note that his birthday will be celebrated in high stile in Paris. He asks about Mr Weller, Lloyd ?, Mrs Rigby and their children and ask that he remember me being kindly to all of them and any other friends you may see.

Owen tells Rigby not to be dismayed by statements in the newspaper and that progress is going well. He closes the letter by saying:

Work must be found for the workers and gradually all must become workers... This present revolution is hastening this advent for the world more than most parties are aware of of or even suspect. Long live the republic! Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity! Charity, Peace and Love Universal!.


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