Letter from Robert Owen to James Rigby

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter informing Rigby that he received his letter. He says that they are in the middle of a snow storm and if it continues the roads will become impassable. In response to Rigby's request for money, Owen says that he is worth many sovereigns and encloses something as he wants Rigby and his family to have a merry Christmas.

Owen says that Rigby was right not to send the parcel by post to Stuttgart and asks him to keep them for better times to come. He then goes on to say that he expects a basket to be sent to him tomorrow and that if Rigby has anything for him he can send it by the basket.

Owen goes on to say that he wishes that the workpeople delegates would study his papers and have his plans investigated by Parliament. He also says he hopes that the Shakers would conclude the bargain for Harmony and we would all go there and make it what it ought to be a fit abode for superior spirits.