Letter from Robert Owen to James Rigby

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter. Owen begins by giving thanks to Dr Cummings and for the information about our old branches. Owen says that the best thing they could have done was break up so as not to be in his way and that the universal division now going through all parties in all nations is just the state required previous to universal union.

Owen goes on to say he will write to Dr Travis to give his advice to the Operative Engineers and will request that he send them afterwards to Rigby who will know how to send them. Owen goes on to say that my friend Joseph is right- 1885 is the year when the millennium will commence.

Owen says he will be in London next Monday and makes arrangements with Rigby for the tasks they will carry out. He concludes by saying:

The hand of necessity is against all that is and all that is, is against me, but I mean with the aid of superior spirits, great as the odds are against me, to come off victorious. Yet no one can believe this possible.