Letter from John Clement Pare to James Rigby

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter containing a set of instructions for Rigby on a variety of matters. He is instructed to match the fabric which has been sent with the letter and to inform the Panclibanon people that they are not needed in regards to this matter. Pare also instructs Rigby to send a copy of Mechanics Mag and to send his father some sand.

Pare refers to a Swedish Opera Singer, Jenny Lind, stating that he had helped to decorate her room when she stayed and that his sister had recently gone out to hear her sing.

Pare tells Rigby that he is suprised he managed to acquire the sum of money from Mr. Atkinson. He also says his father, William Pare, is leaving for London during the following week. The letter ends by Pare expressing his suprise that [Dr] Travis has joined the White Quakers.