Draft Conveyance by Bargain and Sale

Scope and Content

(1) Joseph Rowntree of York, grocer, John Priestman of Bradford, stuff manufacturer, Thomas Smith of Thirsk, grocer and draper, Henry Hipsley of Kingston upon Hull, mustard manufacturer, William Webster of Storthwaite, farmer, William Casson of Thorne, grocer, James Hack Tuke of York, tea dealer, Jonathan Burtt of Gunby, farmer, Caleb Fletcher of York, thread spinner, Joshua Priestman of Thornton, farmer, John Baker of Thirsk, grocer, William Rowntree of Scarborough, draper, Josiah Thompson of Rawdon, merchant, Jonathan Hutchinson of Selby, merchant, all members of the Society of Friends
(2) John Brook, Sir John Simpson, John Swann, Thomas Wood Wilson, William Gray, Thomas Ellis, all Trustees of York Lunatic Asylum 2 closes of land or parcels of meadow or pasture land containing 5 acres 31 perches (2 of the closes previously conveyed to Rowntree etc by indenture of 17 Mar 1846 in trust to sell or convey etc from time to time as Society of Friends members should direct). Consideration of £1563 15s. Closes bounded on NE by Asylum Lane and on NW by land belonging to York Lunatic Asylum. Together with all buildings and appurtenances, reserving right of passage through. To hold in trust for the Lunatic Asylum. (With sketch map of the property showing boundaries, and copy).
Note of enrolment in Chancery on 16 Sept 1846

Additional Information