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The Oxford United Debating Society was started in 1823 by twenty-five undergraduates of Oxford University, became the Oxford Union Society in 1825, and developed into the most famous debating society in the world. It was established for discussing 'any subject not immediately involving theological questions'. Its original debating rooms were in 115 High Street, before a permanent site was acquired at Frewin Hall in St.Michael's Street in 1852.

For further information on the history of the society see the historical notes in the 'Miscellaneous' section of this catalogue (O22/15).

These records were deposited by the Oxford Union in May 2002 as accession 4967. A further accession, 5791, was deposited in November 2008. Other Union material has been deposited at the Bodleian Library; where items are copies of or complement documents deposited at the Record Office, details are given beside the relevant record description.

The catalogue has been divided into the following sections:

O22/1 Foundation & Administration

O22/2 Consultative Committee

O22/3 Select Committee

O22/4 Standing Committee

O22/5 Bar & Kitchen Committee

O22/6 Officers

O22/7 Treasurer

O22/8 Membership

O22/9 Staff

O22/10 Property/Buildings

O22/11 Library

O22/12 Debates

O22/13 Events

O22/14 Clubs

O22/15 Membership

Catalogued by Mark Priddey, November 2004, additional work by Hannah Jones. Addition made October 2010.

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Further material is held by the Bodleian Library, accession numbers (4158-4216)

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