General Correspondence

Scope and Content

John Dyer (Coningsby) to : thoughts on the nature of the soul. 23 March 1757

Thomas Edwards (Twm o’r Nant) (Nantglyn) to John Humphries (London): thanks for a letter; news of his relations. 30 May 1762

Elizabeth Williams to her daughter Ann: thanks for a letter. 24 Oct 1793

Jane Susanna Short and Laura Short (Kingsworthy) to their sister Elizabeth: news from home. 21 March 1809

Mrs. Piozzi (Brynbella) to Capt. Lloyd: invitation to dinner.10 Sep 1811

T. Salusbury to J.C. Williams: sends a dove. May 1826

Lord Kenyon to J.C. Williams: will present the petition to the House of Lords. 24 Feb 1834

Lord Stamford and Warrington (Enville) to Mrs. Kingsley: condolences on the death of Mr. Kingsley. 15 Nov 1864

J.C. Wynne Edwards to Townshend Mainwaring: reasons for refusing to act as delegate of the Denbigh Deanery Lay and Clerical Association. (copy).13 Nov 1869

C.P. Chretien to Margaret Wynne-Edwards: importance of her confirmation day. 20 Oct 1875

W.L. Williams (London) to his sister Alice: chances of T.A. Wynne-Edwards obtaining a partnership. 6 Oct 1882