'Ted Hughes corrected interviews & misc. material'

Scope and Content

Material from a box file labelled by EF 'Ted Hughes corrected interviews & misc. material'. This comprises material relating to EF's research for her biography of Hughes. There are some letters, copies of articles and rough research notes, as well as further transcripts of interviews EF carried out with friends and acquaintances of Hughes. There are full transcripts of interviews with seven different individuals. Of these, three are different versions of transcripts with individuals who are also represented in file EFP/4/4/8 (Clarissa Roche, Al Alvarez and David Ross); one forms the second part of EF's interview with Ruth Fainlight – the other part of which is included in EFP/4/4/8; and one is only represented in this file, in two different versions (the interview with Suzette Macedo).

Full contents are as follows:

  • /1: Mock-up or proof of the front cover of Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet , by Elaine Feinstein.
  • /2-3: Two pieces of copy correspondence with the book's publishers Weidenfeld and Nicolson relating to legal costs associated with the biography. This material is closed.
  • /4: Letter from Fred Grubb (5 April, year omitted) regarding his acquaintance with Ted Hughes. He encloses photocopied letters from Hughes, as well as photocopies of news cuttings and articles relating to Hughes. The letter from Grubb is open, but the enclosures are closed for copyright reasons.
  • /5: Photocopy of an article by Catherine Thompson from the Georgia Review, entitled '"Dawn Poems in Blood": Sylvia Plath and PMS' (undated).
  • /6: Note from Michael Grosvenor Myer, attaching a copy of a letter he sent to John Sutherland containing two anecdotes about Hughes (undated).
  • /7: Letter from Clarissa Roche (10 March [2000?]), enclosing the transcript of the interview EF carried out with her in November 1999. She has annotated the transcript to elucidate some of her comments. The transcript is 8 pages, of which pages 3 and 4 are closed. See EFP/4/4/8/20 and /42 for further versions of this transcript.
  • /8: Two sheets of very rough notes by EF relating to her interview with Al Alvarez.
  • /9: Transcript of EF's interview with [Al] Alvarez, 22 July 1999. 29 pages, of which pages 6-7, 11, 13-14, 21-22 and 29 are closed. This is a slightly different version to the transcript of the same interview at EFP/4/4/8/23, with a very small number of corrections added by hand.
  • /10: Transcript of EF's interview with Ruth Fainlight, 'Part Two'. 11 pages, of which page 3 is closed. See also EFP/4/4/8/26-7 and /29.
  • /11: Word-processed page of text, apparently from a draft of EF's biography, numbered 11 and relating to Hughes's childhood.
  • /12: One-page photocopy: Daniel Weissbort, 'Ted Hughes and Translation', showing transliteration and word-for-word translation of Pushkin's 'The Prophet'.
  • /13: One page of EF's very rough notes, identified as 'K[arl] Miller's telephone notes'.
  • /14: Transcript of EF's interview with Suzette Macedo, October 1999. 15 pages. See also /16.
  • /15: Transcript of EF's interview with Danny [i.e. Dannie] Abse, October 1999. 4 pages. See also EFP/4/4/8/45.
  • /16: Transcript of EF's interview with Suzette Macedo, October 1999. 15 pages, annotated. This is an earlier version than the copy at /14. It may have been made by EF's secretary, and EF has annotated it by hand as 'EF copy (with corrections made in March, 2001)'. Annotations include corrections to errors such as misspellings, names or other words which were indistinct or unfamiliar to the initial transcriber, the clarification of meanings, and additional information or notes on other sources.
  • /17: Offprint: David Ross, 'Saint Botolph's Review: The History of a Legend', taken from Essays and Poems Presented to Daniel Huws (Aberystwyth, 1994).
  • /18: Transcript of EF's interview with David Ross, October 1999. This is the same version that is included at EFP/4/4/8/35, but with only two annotations. See also EFP/4/4/8/33.

Former reference: Box 169.

Access Information

As indicated above, pieces numbered /2-3 are closed, as are the enclosures with /4. None of the interview transcripts are closed in their entirety, but in several cases individual pages are closed for data protection and confidentiality reasons; those pages have been extracted and are stored separately. This applies to the following pieces in this file: /7, 9 and 10.