Scripts of If I Ever Get On My Feet Again

Scope and Content

Various drafts, some annotated, of the radio play script If I Ever I Get on My Feet Again, a play based on the life of American blues singer Bessie Smith ([1894-6]-1937).

Smith was born into poverty in Tennessee. Nicknamed the 'Empress of the Blues', she is regarded as the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s and was a major influence on jazz singers of the time. Smith's career faltered due to the public's changing musical tastes, mismanagement of her affairs, and her heavy drinking. She had started drinking excessively in her teens and drank more heavily as time passed. Gin was her preferred drink and she wrote many odes about it. Smith was bisexual and the many affairs she had added to the turbulence of her life. EF completed her biography of Bessie Smith in 1985.

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