'Letters August-November 1992'

Scope and Content

Letters and papers from a box file labelled by EF 'Letters August-November 1992', although it contains some material dating back to 1990. Contains approximately 150 pieces (including MS and TS letters, faxes, postcards and photocopied letters). Correspondents represented include: Brian Aldiss; HarperCollins publishers; Adam Johnson (relating to some of his poems; see EFP/1/1/18); Macmillan publishers; SBS Television, Australia (Veronique Bernard); Michael Schmidt; Emma Tennant; and Malcolm Williamson. There is also some correspondence between EF and her husband Arnold.

Topics of correspondence include: publishing matters; poetry readings in the UK and abroad; EF's novel Loving Brecht; requests for contributions to books and events; draft blurb for EF's Lawrence's Women, sent by the publisher, and source material used by EF for the book.

The file also includes: photocopy of a review of EF's Loving Brecht by Rachel Billington from The Tablet (21 March 1992); two sample book covers for EF's Loving Brecht; cover for EF's Lawrence's Women; annotated TS, 'Foreign Girls', faxed to Bethan Evans (as a possible mini-series for television); TS review by EF, 'Hans Otto Munsterer, The Young Brecht', faxed to James Wood; annotated 13-page TS, possibly part of a novel; TS review by EF, 'A Guide to Women's Literature, edited by Claire Buck', faxed to Gerald Jacobs of the Jewish Chronicle; seven annotated TS faxed pages relating to D.H. Lawrence; bundle of various TS versions (some annotated) of an article by EF, 'Sylvia Plath', faxed to Roger Alton of the Guardian's Saturday Review; TS poem 'Muse'; and a bundle of photocopied poems from published sources.

Former reference: Box 13.

Access Information

This file has not been checked in detail for Data Protection issues, and closures may apply; please contact the Library in advance if you wish to consult any of its content.