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Consists of corporate records of various liquidated and non-trading subsidiary companies including Arleston Dairies Ltd, Aylesbury Dairy Ltd, BCB Pallett Co Ltd, Farmers Ltd, British Dairy Products Ltd, Brown Wills and Nicholson Ltd, Carvells Dairy Ltd, The Cheshire Sterilized Milk Co Ltd, The Cheshire Transport Co Ltd, Denbighshire Dairies Ltd, George Denney Ltd, J Hanson and Sons (Garages) Ltd, Hoopers Cafe Ltd, H Kibby and Sons Ltd, Lea Valley Dairies Ltd, Letchworth Dairy Stores Ltd, Levedale Farm Dairy Co Ltd, H B Livingston (Birmingham) Ltd, Malgavita (Suppliers) Ltd, Malmesbury and Parsons Dairy Co Ltd, The Malto Peptone Yeast Co Ltd, Midland Dairies Ltd, Miers Transport Ltd, Miller Ball and Toulmin Ltd, Mortlocks Modern Dairy Ltd, Newhall Dairies Ltd (formerly Newhall Farmers' Dairies Ltd), Newton Dairy Ltd, Preston Dairies Ltd, Radbournes Dairies Ltd, Randall and Whiting Ltd, Alfred Slater Ltd, Ernest Threlfall, Son and Co Ltd and Wolverhampton Dairies Ltd 1904-1986


  • Arleston Dairies Ltd
  • Aylesbury Dairy Ltd
  • Aylesbury Proprietories Ltd (Joint Overseas Marketing Ltd)
  • BCB Pallett Co Ltd
  • BWN Pension Trust Ltd
  • Beddington Nut and Produce Co Ltd
  • Belgravia Dairy Co Ltd
  • A Bellamy and Co Ltd
  • Biddenham Dairies Ltd
  • Bishops Stortford Dairy
  • Farmers Ltd
  • Brax Ltd
  • British Dairy Products Ltd
  • Brookes Milk Ltd
  • Brown, Wills and Nicholson Ltd
  • G Cartwright Ltd
  • Carvells Dairy Ltd
  • The Cheshire Sterilized Milk Co Ltd
  • The Cheshire Transport Co Ltd
  • Chester Castle Products Ltd
  • Chichester Associated Milk Distributors
  • Conway and Sons Dairies Ltd
  • Coventry Farmers Dairies Ltd
  • Cow and Gate Ltd
  • Denbighshire Dairies Ltd
  • George Denney Ltd
  • Dorchester Dairies Ltd
  • Edwards Creameries Ltd
  • Essex Galvanizers Ltd
  • Exene Chemicals Ltd
  • Fenland Packers Ltd
  • Flavet Ltd (later British Fondants Ltd)
  • Golden Dawn Creameries Ltd
  • R and W Hancock Ltd
  • J Hanson and Sons Ltd
  • J Hanson and Sons (Garages) Ltd
  • Hoopers Cafe Ltd
  • Howard's Dairies Ltd
  • H Kibby and Sons Ltd
  • Lea Valley Dairies Ltd
  • Letchworth Dairies Ltd (formerly Letchworth Dairy Stores Ltd)
  • Levedale Farm Dairy Co Ltd
  • H B Livingston (Birmingham) Ltd
  • Malgavita (Products) Ltd
  • Malmesbury and Parsons Dairy Co Ltd
  • The Malto Peptone Yeast Co Ltd
  • Charles Markham Ltd
  • Matthews of Hailsham
  • Mead Farm Dairy Ltd
  • Midland Counties Dairy (Coventry) Ltd
  • Midland Counties Dairy (Coventry) Ltd
  • Midland Dairies Ltd
  • Midland Ice Cream Co Ltd
  • Miers Heating Oils Ltd
  • Arthur E Miller Ltd
  • Miller Ball and Toulmin Ltd
  • Mortlocks Modern Dairy Ltd
  • Mortlock Sterilized Milk Supply Co Ltd
  • Newhall Dairies Ltd (formerly Newhall Farmers' Dairies Ltd)
  • Newton Dairy Ltd
  • Parretts Dairies Ltd
  • Portavon Dairies Ltd
  • Preston Dairies Ltd
  • Primrose Dairy (Cornwall) Ltd
  • Mark Proctor and Co Ltd
  • Radbournes Dairies Ltd
  • Randall and Whiting Ltd
  • Rhodes Dairies Ltd
  • Rogers Dairies Ltd
  • S R Products Ltd
  • Sharp's Dairies Ltd (incorporating Sutton Creameries Ltd)
  • C F Simmons and Sons Ltd
  • Alfred Slater Ltd
  • Percy H Smith and Co Ltd
  • Southwood Dairy Ltd (formerly Mead Farm Dairy Ltd)
  • Squires Dairies Ltd
  • E R Stocking and Son Ltd
  • Sutton Creameries Ltd (formerly Buckland Dairies Ltd)
  • Swanley Fruit Co Ltd
  • J P Thomas (Dairies) Ltd
  • Thompson Bennett Organisation Ltd
  • Ernest Threlfall, Son and Co Ltd
  • J H Tonking Ltd
  • Tynywaun Dairies Ltd (formerly Culm Valley Dairy Co)
  • United Dairies (London) Ltd
  • United Phosphate and Malt Co Ltd
  • W C and G Dairies (Solihull) Ltd
  • Wathes, Cattell and Gurden Ltd
  • C and F Watts Ltd
  • Weymouth Dairies Ltd
  • Wilford and Sons Ltd
  • Woolbridge Dairies Ltd (formerly Portland Dairies Ltd)
  • Wolverhampton Dairies Ltd
  • Wrington Vale Dairy Ltd
  • Wyles Preserves Ltd

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Records deposited on permanent loan by Unigate plc, 1986


Compiled by Zoe Watson, March 2004

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