Dennis Hardwick

Scope and Content

Memories of Greenford Fire Station
Cycle club - Southall
Ealing county school
Born 1922 in Camden. Schools (1) 'infants' private school in Greenford Gardens. (2) 7 years old to Castle Hill School (top ofArgyle Hill) Sat equivalent of 11+ (3) Ealing County School, Haven Green. 1931 WW II: apprentice at GEC North Wembley. Father part time auxiliary fireman at Greenford Fire Station. Cinemas: could see different films every day at Ealing - Greenford - Southall. "Granada was posh", had organ. Everyone dressed up on Friday night. Teenage meeting place. Opened by Gracie Fields. Cycle club: Southall Clarion. Went out for day or weekend. Stayed at Youth Hostel. 2 shillings B&B. No traffic (war time). Junior tennis after school and on Saturday mornings. Cricket in Ravenor Park. Borrowed parents' lawn mower to mow the pitch. Fishing over canal. At Ealing County School swam, cricket, footbal 2nd XI for School. At shcool everyone formed up on Haven Green for service held at War Memorial.