Elizabeth Dyas

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Twins born 1914
A word of explanation: The two ladies are twins (82 years old tomorrow). They have never parted. I planned to interview Elizabeth, but the other twin prompted her once or twice, and reminded her of one or two things, as you will hear. (I understand this, being one of twins myself). I decided to give Georgina a chance to speak for herself. then, the other twin prompted her. It was a very pleasant occasion and they enjoyed it, as I did.
They were born in Ealing and have lived here all their lives.
Elizabeth couldn't remember much about school. Her work for Unigate was book-keeping, and later, office management. She gives information about hours of work, short holidays. Leisure pursuits - not much remembered about this except for going to the cinema. Guides, war-time YWCA canteen, voluntary.
Georgina apprentice to dressmaking - Sayers in Ealing. Later joined her sister in Unigate. Mentions "short-time" working. Both sisters said they had lived very quiet lives.