Stan Whetlor

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emories of Cherry Blossom: Went to work there in 1934. Elite van boy. Worked with Mr Hudson. Had to clean the vans. Nightmare when it rained. Take the vans down the garage. Hose it down, leather it, do the tyres with CB Boot Polish. Do inside & outside & front tyres & polish them. Do it every day. Washed it down once a week. Job - had orders, check everything with the driver & put it in the van in order. First in last off. Driver put orders on the tail board & van boy carried them in. Went to Whitechapel & deliver to old lady & couldn't speak English. Check everything & give Stan 6d. Mr Hudson, hard task master. His previous van boy went to the engineers. Stan couldn't take up a job as an engineer & went to the lacquer dept. Laquer sealed the tins. Went to despatch & left in 1939 7 went to RNVR. Won a prize for best turned out van driver & van boy. Had a uniform. Boys measured up for coats by tailors from Saville Row. Won 10/- for six months £1 for a year. Prizes for outward appearance of lorry & van boy. Elite job as van boy because you went on to something else. Went to night school. Friends & girlfriends. CB had a panto every year. Mr Hudson & Stan would fetch the shetland ponies in the van every year. Stan had to stay in the van with the ponies. Girls were 'smashing'. Earned at 14 yr 12/- p.w. extra money for punctuality. Increase every year. Overtime on Sat mornings. Paid good money for what you did - best in Chiswick. Made money up every week. While Stan was in the Navy. Hours 8-6. On a rainy day stay until 8 & get paid overtime. Got 2 weeks paid holiday after a year. Women in the tin shop worked very hard. Miss Milne hard task master. Strict with the girls. Taught Stan discipline. Van boys were good mates. Mr Hudson taught him a lot. Mr Hudson taught him properly. Went to laquer shop. Mixed the laquer. Had to be careful of fire & explosion. Had to leave to go to war. Made the paint. Painters start at one end of the factory & start again. Inflammable. Cars & vans resprayed every year. Had their own mechanics. Played a lot of football/tennis. Elite club.
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