Margaret Sedgwick

Scope and Content

Born in Hanworth Road, Hounslow in January 1931, went to Grove Road School, Hounslow Town School, Bulstrode. Playing in the street, marking on the pavement, going up the wall, ball games. Playing on Hounslow Heath, blackberrying, fishing, tiddlers, jam jar, play up and down ammunition dumps from the first world war. Chiswick Empire, Lambeth Walk. Max Miller, described how she got on the floor when the strippers performed. Strike. Laurel and Hardy stepped in. Travelling by trolley buses, run from Shepherds Bush. Left school at 14 worked at Swains Glass and China shop, then Cliffords the milk people as shop assistant. Dairy produce. Describes maypole Shops and pats of butter when she was little. Worked at Home and Colonial, Jarvis and Woolworths, Davis the chemist. Describes nothing over sixpence, then five shillings. Anne Powell talks about Twickenham Woolworths at Christmas and her mother buying her a brooch when she was 15 in 1927. She describes saving up for a bike. Italian girl at the factory bought a brand new bike and sold her old one for 8 shillings. Life in the shelter during the war, watching doodlebugs come over. Best bits: Anne's description of saving up for the second hand bike.