Ena Burnett, Millennium Voices Group Chiswick Memories

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Chiswick Memories
with Hogarth Primary School
Wartime Chiswick Memories
V2 Bomb - Stawely Road
Hogarth's School
Shopping in the high street
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Work at Goodbans. Waited on Cooper family (owners) and on the buyers. Best food for Coopers, Buyers had ordinary food. Poshest store in Chiswick. Loved working there. Born Caledonian Road. Heard bell ringing when prisoner hanged at Pentonville. First in seervice for a year. Collected broken bread in a pillow slip from bakers. Moved to Chiswick 1939. Walking in the Great West Road, it was all fields. Daughter worked at Heathrow (BOAC). Her husband worked on the demolitions, digging the dead out after air raids in the war. She and daughters stayed in Chiswick during war. Remembers V2 bomb in Staveley Road. Dead people hanging from lamppost. Barrage balloons weren't much use. Running against the wall to hide when a doodlebug came over and the noise stopped. Children cheering when school hit in Staveley Road. Chiswick House, picnics by river. memories of Hogarth School, London burning in the Blitz. Heard of bombing of East End.