Mary Huxley

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Born 1922 Brentford
Rothschild School, Hogarth School
Marlborough School
Macleans, bottle washing
In service in Acton
Leisure activities
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Born 1922, 3rd daughter, in Brentford. Schools (1) aged 4 years Rothschild Infant School. Slates, slate pencils, coke stove in middle of classroom. (2) about 6 -7 yers old Rothschild Junior School. Moved to Chiswick - offer of flat for family (5 children) (3) to Hogarth School - 1 year. Not very happy there. Moved again to Syon Lane in Isleworth (4) to Isleworth Town School, Twickenham Road. Walked to & from school. No school meals. Home to dinner. Empire Day celebrated at school. Heston & Isleworth made a borough. (5) to Marlborough School - new building. Uniform. Very pleased. Domestic science including cooking. Sport including swimming. Very impressed with history teacher. 1935 - Silver Jubilee - George V & Queen Mary. 1936: Death of George V. 1936: Abdication of Edward VIII - implications expained at school. 1st job (c 1936) Macleans: factory hand. Wages 13/- per week. 8am-6pm, 1 hour for dinner. One week's holiday after 1 year's service. No sick pay. Worked on moving belt, later on bottle-washing machine, also filling of containers of toothpaste. Details given. 1937: Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Excitement about this. 2nd job: 1938 - in service in Acton. Very nice family, very happy there. Further information about Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth - Mrs Huxley's father applied for 2 tickets only to Guildhall. Leisure activities in 1930's: Games with other children in the streetand each other's gardens; walking (used to take food with them) - along canal or the river - sometimes to Isleworth Ferry - swimming; winter - neighbours round fireside; anecdotes from the past (much poverty around); Brownies, Guides; Church, Sunday school. Congregational church, brentford and later to Syon Mission; church organised parties, concerts, teas, opportunities for acting in plays, singing competitions. In hospital - before NHS - infected thumb. Teenage leisure activities in 1930's: cycling - saved up for cycle -£3-10s. went with crowd of other teenagers. In summer cycled to camping site. C 1939: applied for job at Cherry Blossom. Worked in canteen 8am-5.30pm at Boston House. Details of work including preparation of the food and cleaning of cutlery. Cherry Blossom very caring firm, provided: baths while at work; club house, library & room with sewing machines, evening activities, dancing, opera, keep fit; Rangers; camping near Staines some weekends; club house at Great Chertsey Road Factory - sports facilities. Mrs Huxley later transferred to canteen there. Cherry Blossom also provided access to doctor and dentist. Free drinks while at work. Further reference to Heston & Isleworth becoming a borough in 1930's: Duke of Gloucester laid commemorative stone outside the Firestone factory. This stone was in place until 2-3 years ago when pavement was repaired. Stone now in GPM - Mrs Huxley would like this stone replaced. Information about procedures carried out at Smiths Crisps where Mrs Huxley was employed in the 1940's.
Artefacts: 2 sheets of 4 generations of Mrs Huxley's family in Gunnersbury Park, 1952, c 1980, 1996