Earnest Bartlett

Scope and Content

Description of the demolition of the Firestone Building August 23rd 1980 (Tape 1)
Mr Bartlett was chief engineer of the factory, he is reading from his transcript
Deceased approx 1997
Photographs in GPM collection of Firestone being demolished
Tape 2: Memories of life in Hounslow, work in Firestones, wartime memories (Home Guard - Ammo officer)
In conversation with Stephen Williams
"Sweet bananas, sherbert dabs, bullseeyes... I had to be very careful - the way I spent my Saturday penny - no, farthing! You could get many things for a penny... 16 sweets for one penny. Choose carefully and make the money go further. Ice-creams? No, I seldom had enough money for an ice cream." - Pocket money 1913.