Mary Horner, Millennium Voices Group Chiswick Memories

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Chiswick Memories
Goodbans, Chiswick Empire
Cherry Blossom
Work at Goodbans, flats and cottages provided for ex-workers. Coat bought at Goodbans 35 years ago. Goodbans funeral coat. Money sent in containers on wires from counter to office and back came the change. Friendliness of the shop, and the Coopers, who owned it. Packet of pins given instead of farthing change. Throwing peanuts down from the gods in the Chiswick Empire. Smell of oranges. Blacksmith at the back of the Empire, Turnham Green. Live pigs at Couts the butcher. Cricket on Turnham Green. Circus animals in the street. Tomatoes and eggs thrown at Shirley Bassey. Cherry Blossom Shoe Factory work as "waste girl". It was an honour to work there. Social club. Hooter sounded 8 minutes before factory opened, everybody ran "provident cheques" one shilling a week to pay for clothes. Two women fighting over a bargain fir coat at Goodbans. Various prices for goods before the war - buying price, selling price, top price etc. No longer after price controls.