Doreen McDermott

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B orn in Queen Charlotte's on 6 January 1929. Lived off Pitshanger Lane. Slept in same bedroom as mother, father and sister. Played sports at school. Sister played in school band. May Day procession, white dresses, flowers in hair, carried maypoles. Decorated carts for the young. Father worked for CAV in Acton. Fancy dress parade: Dad made me a set of working traffic lights. Was in Brownies and prior to that Sunbeams. Went with Brownies to Worthing for holiday. Grandmother lived in Haven Lane - 8 children. Christmas gatherings there. She made jugged hare. One of the 'boys' went down to the Haven or the Wheatsheaf for Gran's jug of Guinness. Grandfather was a furniture dealer. Large furniture in Gran's house. Gas lighting, mantles, money in meter. Father drove a bus in 1926 strike. Mother in Land Army in First World War: market gardening. Lived in Fowlers Walk. Allotments, Guy Fawkes Night. Dad took children in street to Mickey Mouse Club at Park Royal Odeon. 1937 - coronation. Parents arranged a street party, mugs and spoons given out. My cousin was born on 6 May 1937 and the Mayor of Ealing offered a pram to first baby born on that day - she was second! Dad not always in work. Mum did early morning cleaning. German 'au pair' to the Davies family in Fowlers Walk. In about June 1939 Gerda was ordered back to Germany and there was a party for her. Fair on Ealing common. Trams in High Road. Crofton Road Reservoir, walked from Fowlers Walk to Haven Lane where Gran's kitchen had old black range - kettle always on. Sunday School. Winkle man used to come round street, sold 1/4 pint or so to eat with a pin. Once a month 'knife sharpener', also man who mended shoes. Jehovah's Witnesses with record player. Chiswick Empire - Max Miller. Moved to Croydon and returned to live in Acton in 1951.
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