John Brazier

Scope and Content

Born October 1928
Father drew up bye-laws Gunnersbury Park
New to Lionel Road, played in the park
Evacuated 1939
Description of local cinemas and recreation
Born in South East London and moved to area when 3 years old. Father was a civil servant who drew up bye-laws for Gunnersbury Park. He was posted to Bromyard avenue and we moved to a house backing onto Gunnersbury Park. I had the whole park to play in. Went to Lionel Road Infants School, seen across road by schoolkeeper. Head: Miss Hattersley. Mr. Witty finished as head of Ealing Road School Brentford before it was burnt down and demolished. Mr. Holland. Miss Lidstone - still at Lionel Road School way after the end of the war. Primary/Infants/Nursery ? school built while I was there. Farm at bottom of Gunnersbury Park where Smiths Potato Crisps were, now gone. Lots of changes on Great West Road. Mr Goddard's letter related war time experiences. Huge hole dug in park. Told it was for filling sandbags for London buildings (?accuracy). London authorities had hundreds of death certificates printed expecting more deaths in blitz than there were!!! Account of gun sights in war in Mr Goddard's letter is very good. Also gun sights in Gunnersbury Park twinned with one on Wormwood Scrubs. Commanding officer of the two was based at the Scrubs. He was an ex-army apprentice who learnt to play the bugle and when VE Day was announced he blew every call he knew. Left Lionel Road School and went to St Clememt Danes. Paid Out-County fee until he was 11. In first house could see Crystal Palace and Grandfather and I watched it burn. Holidays before war in Shanklin IOW and Aldeburgh (family connections). War came, evacuated, returned in 1942. Father was evacuated with civil service to Coventry and helped evacuations from hospitals in raids. He finished up working in London Regional Office under Admiral Evans (Polar man). Called up in army for 2 years. Worked for Alfa Laval rest of working time. Building where I worked now demolished.