Muriel Wodehouse

Scope and Content

1911: born in Ealing. First school - Mrs Brue's School in the Avenue, Ealing. Moved to Isle of Wight. Later, 2nd school - Christ's Hospital, 7 years. 1st job Civil Service - Milk Marketing Board. 2nd job Westminster Bank - 1932-1937. 1937: married, left the Bank. 1939: moved to French Alps on account of husband's health. 26th August 1939: back to England on account of threat of war which started 3.9.39. 28th August: husband's death. Job at local education office, connected with evacuation. Leisure activities in 1930's: tennis clubs, Acton; photography, joined photographic society; Saturday mornings, coffee at Sayers in Ealing; dances, Montague Rooms, Oak Rooms (same building but upstairs & smaller); cinemas, Palladium, Walpole, Lido (W Ealing); Ramblers' Club, hiking, to High Wycombe on railway, inexpensive fares; teashops in Ealing, Zeeta, Fuller's, Bulle's, delicious cakes.