Cargo earnings book

Scope and Content

Unlabelled book. One side of this volume contains cargo records for Ben Line ship voyages between 1919 and 1929. Entries detail ship name, gross tonnage, voyage dates and destinations, the weight of cargo carried on each leg of the voyage, the amount outturned as well as its value and percentage of any lossage. A total sum has been calculated for each voyage. Later in the volume entries simply list the ship name, voyage route and dates, the estimated weight of cargo and the outturned weight of cargo and the difference thereof.

The other side of this volume contains voyage records for 7 Ben Line sailings during 1911. These entries detail the names of the 7 ships, the dates and destinations of each voyage and details of negotiations taking place via telegram at specified dates throughout each voyage relating to cargo.

With enclosures:  

  • Working notes and calculations on loose leaves of paper;
  • Bundle of three documents clipped together: 2 entitled 'D.F.A figures - 1961' which discuss D.F.A figures relating to freight tonnage for 1961 of various shipping companies including Ben Line, and 'East Coast/West Coast Performance', dated 1963, which details freight tonnage carried by Ben Line and other companies in 1961.