Scope and Content

Original file cover recorded "S/S Ammla Correspondence. Voyage No. 1." Ex Samvard. Managed for British Government 1943-1947 then bought and renamed Benarty IV.

  • Correspondence from Master of the ship, A. P. Paterson, to Wm Thomson & Co concerning updates on the voyage, confirmation of receipt of cable messages, crew wages, damage to ship, repairs carried out, supplies, crew behaviour, conduct and injuries sustained and notification of crew joining ship;
  • correspondence with others concerning ship damage, supplies, cargo, ship inspections and repairs;
  • extracts from the ship's log book where incidients have occurred;
  • blank copies of certificates of watchkeeping service;
  • 1 black and white photograph of three ladies wearing hats, one of whom is holding a bouquet of flowers, and two men - one smiling and wearing a long coat and holding a hat in his hands, the other standing in the background wearing crew uniform and cap. With caption: "Launching 255th liberty ship, Fairfield, MD - December 3, 1943. S. S. Ammla."