Loose cuttings

Scope and Content

  • Red Ships Ignore Queen's Birthday: Benavon Scots Have Salmon Elizabeth, Singapore Standard, 1950;
  • Saucy Sue Joins The Yacht Club, 1956;
  • Hong Kong - Main Door to Communist China: A remarkably unfrightened place, Time, 1956;
  • photograph of four Admiralty dumb barges being loaded onto Benalbanach, The Financial Times, 1961;
  • 7 pages from German language publications featuring mentions of Ben Line, c1961;
  • photograph of Benattow, ex Cuzco, from unknown shipping publication, c1965;
  • Article about Japanese shipping lines, including Mitsui OSK Lines, whom Ben Line were involved in a freight dispute with, and also readers' requests regarding ships, including Ben ships, The Journal of Commerce and Shipping Telegraph, 1967.