Scope and Content

  • 4 colour photographs of ship in dock with loading cranes, one with small boat approaching;
  • 5 black and white photographs of the ship in dock near a tower that says "Singapore Cement Manufacturing Co Ltd"
  • 3 negatives (1 colour, 2 black and white) of the ship in dock, likely matching 3 of the prints in the file;
  • 2 postcards made from a black and white photograph in this file of the ship in dock, 1 slightly more cropped with "plated" written on the rear;
  • 1 envelope stamped "MINIFOTO STUDIO, 13-A, Change Alley, Singapore" and with "  Benratha [enclosed in sport's letter of 6th September 1968 loaded Taiwan - entry permits ships photographs]" written on it;
  • 1 black and white photograph of a painting of the ship.