Reports from Masters and crew of lost or damaged ships

Scope and Content

Original file labelled "Reports from Masters of Lost Bens." Contains reports and copies of protests from Masters, statements from other crew members and individuals as well as presscuttings. Concerning the circumstances surrounding the loss or damage of ships:

  • Benalbanach I;
  • Benalder IV;
  • Benarty III;
  • Benavon II;
  • Bencleuch V;
  • Bencruachan I;
  • Benlawers III;
  • Benledi IV;
  • Benlomond IV;
  • Benmacdhui II;
  • Benmohr IV;
  • Bennevis I;
  • Benvenue III;
  • Benvorlich II;
  • Benvrackie III;
  • Benwyvis I;
  • Empire Protector (managed for British Government);
  • Fort Babine (managed for British Government);
  • Fort Qu'Appelle (managed for British Government);
  • Ocean Valentine (managed for British Government);
  • Samvern (managed for British Government).

Also contains:

  • Report from Master of Bendoran II when the ship was involved in a rescue;
  • lists of Ben Line ships lost or damaged;
  • documents detailing the fate of lost Ben Line ships;
  • press cuttings about Poon Lim, survivor of Benlomond;
  • list of Masters names.