Benhope II

Scope and Content

Original file labelled "Benhope launch." Owned by Ben Line Steamers Ltd through a subsiduary company; The Sheaf Steam Shipping Co Ltd

  • 1 small leaflet containing specifications and capacity plan of ship on card, with draft version, 1978;
  • letter from AMP to RT concerning publicity and photography of ship, 1977;
  • time schedule for launching ceremony of ship, 1977;
  • 2 items of correspondence with Pagermin Services concerning PR surrounding the launch, 1977;
  • press release from Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited about launch of ship, 12 Dec 1977;
  • letter from J. F. Marshall & Son sent with attached presscutting about the ship, 1977;
  • copy of letter sent to Sunderland Shipbuilders Ltd, concerning a visit by A. M. Peill, 1977;
  • copy of letter sent to Sunderland Echo, Photographic Department, requesting a copy of a photograph, 1977;
  • copy of letter sent to Turners Photographers requesting copies of photographs, 1977;
  • note sent with photograph of ship launch from Sunderland Echo, 1977;
  • copy of fax message sent from Edinburgh to Singapore with short message about Benhope publicity;
  • copy of letter sent to Mr J. McCullay requesting copies of photographs, 1977;
  • letter of enclosure sent from Roy Romsey, photographer, to A. M. Peill with transparencies, contact sheets and prints of ship at Southampton docks, 1978;
  • press cutting featuring an artist's impression of semi-submersible drill rig, Benreoch III, with attached copy of letter from A. M. Peill to unknown recipient requesting copy of drawing, 1981;
  • blank copy of a pro-forma ship management agreement for Benmarine Limited, 1987;
  • 3 black and white photographs of ship in Seattle, with supply letter from United States Navigation (Pacific), Inc. 1980;
  • 12 photographs of the ship on launch day, including the launch ceremony and the ship being launched, 1978;
  • 1 black and white photograph of ship at sea;
  • 1 colour photograph of ship at sea;
  • 1 colour photograph of crew member on deck and crane loading from small boats in the background;
  • 1 contact sheet of 12 black and white images of the ship in dock;
  • 1 colour transparency of ship at sea.