Scope and Content

Managed for the British Government 1940-1941. Torpedoed and sunk 1941.

  • Lists of ship crew including name, rank, next of kin and address;
  • copies of correspondence with next of kin informing them of the fate of crew members;
  • copies of correspondence with other organisations (including the Superintendent at The Mercantile Marine Office, Leith) regarding loss of ship;
  • details of donkeymen and firemens overtime wages;
  • receipt for cash received by crew;
  • details of Captain J. Cringle's account with Wm Thomson & Co;
  • copies of correspondence detailing monies due to crew of sunken ship;
  • copies of correspondence with crew (including Captain J. Cringle) following loss of ship;
  • correspondence regarding shipwreck unemployment indemnity;
  • details of allotments paid to crew;
  • receipts signed by crew members for ex-gratia payments for loss of effects from Wm Thomson & Co;
  • list of crew members and compensation forms signed;
  • lists of crew members and value of lost effects.