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Burford Boys Board School opened in 1874 and the Girls Board School opened the following year. An Infants School was then opened in 1878. In 1914 the Boys and Girls schools were amalgamated on the site of the Boys School on Priory Lane to form Burford Council School. In 1920 the Infants School was then merged to form the Mixed and Infants School. The school was modernised and extended in 1970. The school is now known as Burford Primary School. Please see P432/6/Y7/1 for a further plan of this school and CC4/32 for other records of this school.

The records were deposited as part of Acc 3147 in October 1990, as part of Acc 3771 in February 1994 , as part of Acc 3937 in February 1995 and as part of Acc 4453 in February 1999 and also transferred from the Oxfordshire Education Department to the Oxfordshire History Centre. Recatalogued by Alison Smith in November 2013 with additions in December 2015.