Release of Annuity

Scope and Content


1. Maria Tilson of Watlington Park,

Widow of John Tilson of the same,


2. Sir Stephen Lushington of Harley St.,

Cavendish Square, Middx., Bt.

3. John Henry Tilson of Watlington Park,

Esq., son and heir of John Tilson.

COMMENTS: 2 was a trustee of 1's

marriage settlement of 1767 (for which

see SL 11/3/1D/1), 1 was due to receive

an annuity of £500 charged on her

husband's property. This land included

property at Hampton Poyle and Hampton

Gay, which was sold to Arthur Annesley

in 1795 (see SL 11/3/1D/5-6). 1

therefore releases her claim to her

1767 annuity to 3, on condition that 3

pays her annuity by other means.