Scope and Content


1. a) Hannah White of Christmas,

Watlington, Widow of John White, late

of Greenfield, Watlington,


b) Caleb White of Maidenhead, Berks.,

Taylor, and eldest son and heir of

John White.

c) Sarah, Wife of 1b.

2. Sarah Field of South Stoke, Widow.

PROPERTY: As in 33D/1 above.


COMMENTS: This deed bears an endorsement

dated 4 May 1759, as follows:

Assignment of Mortgage:

1. a) Eldridge Field of South Stoke,


b) John Field of Wallingford, Berks.,

Malster (executors of the will of

Sarah Field above).

c) Caleb White (as above).

d) Sarah, Wife of 1c.

2. George Broom of Shiplake, Mealman.

COMMENTS: 1c and 1d repaid the above

mortgage to Sarah Field, and now wish to

sell the above property to Samuel Gyles

of Henley on Thames, Basket Maker. 1a

and 1b therefore assign their rights to

the above mortgage to 4, to hold in

trust for Gyles.